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Tiny Feet

Lasting Memories


Capture your newborn's tiny hand and feet with casting from Lasting Memories

Each 3D mould takes approximately 90 seconds to set.  We dip your baby/child’s hands or feet into our warm impression material that becomes firm but remains flexible.  Your little one’s hand or foot easily slides out leaving a perfect mould.  The impression material really does capture every line and crease of your baby or child’s hands and feet, and produces casts of breath taking quality and intricate detail.


Appointments are available for in store castings via our online booking service.


For more information prior to booking or to get some ideas from previous castings visit the Lasting Memories team on their Facebook page or Instagram @handandfootcastings


Book now to “capture the moment today before it fades away!”

  • Because all frames are handmade and tailored to you, the price will depend on what you had in mind, baby prices start from £100.

  • A deposit of £15 is required to secure your appointment. This payment will be used against any purchase made but is non refundable if you do not attend your appointment. Should you need to change your appointment please let us know asap.

  • A further 50% of your order is required as minimum payment on the day of your casting, with balance due once the frame is complete.

  • Payment plans are available directly from the Lastings Memories team, please contact them directly for details on payment plans and prices. Visit the Lasting Memories team on their Facebook page or Instagram @handandfootcastings

About the service

A timeless keepsake, because you only get one chance!

At Stirling Pram we have teamed up with the wonderful team at Lasting Memories to provide you this special service in our store. Just like us they aim to give all their customers a 5* personal service, using only the best quality materials and product, making them the perfect partner.

Baby 3D castings are a precious memory, a moment captured in time.  One that every parent, grandparent, relative or friend will treasure forever.

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